A Letter To Myself (10 years ago)

Your support sometimes is irrational… as well as your criticism, keep in my none of this is personal. parents love their kids, they want them to successful, we all want to be involved because we care… and we make the mistake of channeling that the wrong way or are too scared to let our gaurd down, don’t me… keep your priorities in line and carry on. Sometimes that motivates (a few) players, but the vast majority, there will be days when you don’t want to be there? remember your players feel the same way, sometimes… what are you selling to them today?

Some you’ll have a major impact on. some you’ll be crushed why you couldnt break through?

keep things in perspective, sometimes you need to shut up, your rambling on you are venting frustration not coaching, if you have something to say- ask yourself if this is productive for them to hear? if it isn’t, don’t say it. its there game, not yours… nobody is going to make it to season 10 without loving season 2 first. Sometimes you’ll plan so much for the next season and it’ll be a total train wreck, other times you will have a lot of success y accident…your success you appreciate today… it’s a good one, and soak this up. Some you’ll have a major impact on. some you’ll be crushed why you couldnt break through? its not about perfection….

Time has a funny way of showing you what matters and what does not, stay true to what does to you, don’t become bitter about being taken for granted, I can’t say 10 years in the future you’ll be blown away with your coaching net worth measured in X amount of $ in Zaxbys gift cards… the little things carry you, the journey is the reward.

activities that encourage competion and not running through monotonous drills, about gifts or expect your investment to be measured in people say gift cards you get at the end of the season, you’ll never be able to say I got zaxbys…great wins, some really tough losses… they equal out.. take it down a notch… dont get thrown out… and your favorite memories won’t get any facebook likes or Retweets, that’s ok.