Not A Competition

Although we realize direction competition is inevitable and something that makes everyone better, we want to be very clear that NGA was never founded on the vision or idea to compete with any other club locally, or beyond for numbers or revenue. NGA it IS NOT the best option for everyone, and no one here can conclusively say it’s better than any other club. A lot of parents for whatever reason ask me (who knows why, what do I know?) who/which/where is a best club for my player? I usually say that’s an impossible question to answer, their will be pros and cons for all clubs / club movement, and each decision should be based on the individual’s own personal circumstances and what they value both short/long term. Each club offers different benefits, but a major question is “what do they ultimately desire, learn or seek to obtain from the entire experience? NGA has no desire to swell to a size In which we operate as a NPO with program revenue of $4 million+ annually, our top priority will never be to market our clubs superiority, “brand” or its perception of eliteness, success will never be defined in our expansion from Dahlonega to Savannah until we control all borders and can establish our dominance across the state in all measurable phases. If you’re seeking the best exposure or connection to the USYNT pipeline – NGA likely won’t be the club for you. We may never contend as the club that brings home the the most state cup titles or wins multiple titles. If you visit our website or social media seeking accolades, trophies or other propaganda that serve as a flyer to sell you on why we know we’re the best- you won’t find that. For us the main priority of both our website and our use of social media is to connect and communicate with the people of our club, not another marketing tool to get closer to their dollars, most of us have enough of that in life already as-is. We don’t have any app on the App Store for you to download or some other self-serving technology that will undoubtedly convince you to how great we are… These things are unknown, that we’ll have to establish ourselves, over time … and even then you’ll have to decide for yourself. Here, those involved and committed to the foundation of our program in both the club and community believe that it’s a not about us… it’s about you – the players experience, each and all of those experiences both now and the future. We are the majority, with the same base philosophy you’ve heard 1000 times before… “We develop technically sound, technically skilled, worldly proficient and creative players with confident decision making techniques ….” lets strip it down: We want our players to play the right way now so they have the foundation to win and be successful when the game score matters more than the snack of the weekend. We want to connect our club and community to the game, something that we all are mutually invested in and work towards together. We desire our relationship with our kids that we foster in them a passion for the game that lasts today, next week and their entire lifetime. Hopefully for some a passion so strong and experience so positive that they themselves wish to give back in many of the same ways for same reasons a lot of us started out to to be a part of NGA today. With an invested interest in providing an opportunity to gain the same memorable experiences and share what club soccer gave to them, and what it meant to us. It’s a new option for north GA, we hope you join us blazing the way @ NGA!