First, Do No Harm This was one the best posts I’ve read in a while; so much truth and things that people probably ignore, choose not ask questions fearing they might doubt their decision-making. I’m still young working in youth athletics, but one thing I’ve noticed repeatedly is that most parents desire to “be sold” on whatever it is they’re committing to. They want check-lists and licenses and foreign coaches and trophies and Premier FC Elite status and national championships and slick websites and the feel… They want to be sold on it all. Cannot tell you how many parents come to me venting for however long that may take to explain all the things, reasons or Bullet points of why their decision was justified, or the right. For me? Not at all, but because they are subconsciously selling it to themselves, they want that “sounds good I’m happy for you” feedback… More often times than not because they question theirs (not their kids) decisions/choices themselves.