I could win a state and nothing would ever top Gatlinburg season… really just whole story behind it, could script as Disney movie. From the middle of that summer I had a huge chip on my shoulder (we all did) I was pissed, angry, felt betrayed and had 100 ppl I had something to prove too… fire was lit. At the same time I was immature and held grudges… hate just came from love under the surface. After that 100% closure to the point I could have walked away then and been totally at peace. This season has been special too just because you get to leave the evil empire and end up scrambling to even have a team… grown up a lot, really coming in had “nothing to prove” not 1 ounce of any hate or bitterness… but I didn’t want to be that guy trying to keep it going just to keep it going… and there was a fine line, it was razor thin. I knew it early. A lot of my team but much much more of my heart in Jay Mai Molly Liv Mo and Katy… can’t be angry when kids that have been loyal to me that long and you move on for reasons good or bad or in/out of their control…9 seasons is crazy that a lifetime… All of them and myself are improved from then to now… Had it been UFA I would have ended it, but NGA was almost like the last hurrah or passing the torch in my mind… nobody else wasn’t behind us lol and even if we went 0-10 it would be “at home” doing it our way… that’s kind of our trademark and I was going to make sure we could blaze another trail for the next ones… at the very least I could make sure I got all the doughnut jokes out of my system least… the record was just the icing on the πŸ©πŸ˜‰ #rejoice

In Your Corner

Check in, honestly he was kid i just thought was a punk at first and then for whatever reason I felt like I needed to be an influence on him in a good way; so whether that would be me jumping his ass to turn in a homework assignment, send him a text message in the morning to check in, etc. or whatever it was I just made a point to look out for the kid. Anyway, fast forward to the season the kid absolutely played out of his mind for me I’ve never seen a kid that passionate every day, he just felt like he was a part of something for the first time you know it and that’s what you strive to do obviously as a coach all the time. Game 4 I believe was South Hab (our biggest rival, who was even bigger than white county at that time) we were both for 4-0, my first year there we beat South for the first time in school history. Long story short… We were the much much weaker team (and I knew that going in), The guys played absolutely out of their minds that night… They played way over their heads and just wanted it so much more… We come back to tie the game 1-1 with about 14 left; on a play towards the very end of the game with about 25 seconds left… We had a goal kick (and quite frankly should have stalled)… in a panic I believe one of them called for it and both wanting to be the hero over play it (freak play) together trying to clear (directly to one of SH players…which also leaves someone else unmarked on the wing, Now the defense is in a 3v2 situation, and it was honestly like a Disney movie or something but you’re on the wrong side of it and absolutely make a great goal (as they should in a 3v2 situation) scoring when there was one second on the clock and I remember it hit the net and it was ONE second and the referee felt so bad because he knew it should’ve been a tie… And it was just surreal, one of The most painful games I’ve ever been a part of, maybe the most… and it wasn’t because We lost or because they didn’t earn it… It was just because we absolutely played better than we ever had before. It was one of those few moments ive had as a coach that you’re totally and completely numb, and there’s not a whole lot of words to say cause there’s just no words to explain how that feels you’re not angry you’re not sad you’re not pleased with the result but you’re not disappointed with it either with it either, and you really doubt yourself too… anyway back to the story … On the 3v2 guess who one of those 2 backs were that got beat? Z. It was a play the offense should make 9/10 x because you play the open man and they made a good play (it was not his fault in any way, but he still felt responsible. I remember walking out of the locker room and up towards where the concession stand was… I see ZΒ there crying head In hands, I mean I dunno if you know Z but he’s not like emotional Josh that’s for sure; tough guy/bad ass whatever you wanna call it…. I. Just remember coming up behind him and just hugging him at this point I’m crying too lol, and I’m Like Z don’t you ever. be disappointed with your effort if you know in your heart you did your absolute best… I said you did, and there not a chance in hell we would even be IN THE game without you and how you played out there today… And I said probably a lot of things I’m saying right now, they aren’t gonna make you feel better man, because when you want something that bad and it’s so close and you let it slip through its gonna be painful, and it hurts … because it matters to you. But what I do know is that tomorrow your gonna make a play that Will change the game, wait and see. It was totally one of those games that I dunno if we bounce back from, you don’t know how you’re going to respond, what approach you want to take yourself. This is especially true with guys, (who from my experience have a natural tendency to revolt for whatever reason) 24 hours later we played our second hardest game of the season … Wilbanks …There was no time to regroup and I didn’t sleep any that night …. The next day we get there and it’s cold as hell outside and we look like we got off the bus… We’re down 0-2 in the first twelve minutes …. and The rest I’ll let you see… Start at about 4:50 mark https://vimeo.com/92407327 (or watch the whole thing when u have time sometime it’s pretty cool!!) that was to this day one of the best shots I’ve seen in person; the actual play speed is slowed in the clip so you can see it, the video itself doesn’t do the angles and how crazy it really was justice… Those were my guys I’ve coached like I did the girls (since u9) and I had a lot of fun w/ that group but was so ready to move on from LCMS after that, it was a really fun swan song (also awesome that hope and thems class were coming in as 6th graders). http://i.imgur.com/TlMpJdk.jpg

Advice You Didn’t Ask For

05/09/2013 6:10PM Lol not really. But I did what had to be done. Harper didn’t like it and kept asking for you aww. that makes me feel good πŸ™‚ He adores you. Are you going to coach u6 anywhere in the fall? Im kicking a few ideas around! i will keep you posted πŸ™‚ 05/09/2013 7:24PM Thanks! 03/15/2016 11:03PM Hey josh. We are coaching harper this year and wondered if you could give us any drills or “games” to play to help 8year olds during practice. Harper says hello! Bahahahah jk too much to list but I’ll let y’all start w this and come back when u want more. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times..you are awesome!!! Thank you. It’s totally a learning process for me and still is, If there’s one I think ive learned that is most important is that it’s their game, not mine… So yes the sessions should have some planning, something “to get” out of them and the activity should help them as far as learning (and being relatable to the same things they will use in a game)… But don’t get caught up in check-lists and “that it looks like a good practice” to the parents, a good practice keeps them engaged, wanting to come back and running from the car to the field for years and years. Sometimes it’s easy for any coach to get caught up in we have to know a, b, c, d-z etc. we throw too much junk on the wall and hope something sticks… But really underestimate just doing something because (a) it’s fun or (b) because it “doesn’t have a purpose” / look good… If you have the best practice plan in the world and win every game and they don’t come back the following season is that successful? Love the game first > learn second. There’s a bunch of advice you didn’t ask for and probably don’t need LOL White co is a great soccer program and futsal is great too, for me their really is nothing better… It will improve their game so much. We play indoor every year and I don’t coach and we just play and they love it (and get a lot better), it deff (as it should) have a more laid back, street soccer type of feel.


7 SeasonΒ @ Georgia Tech 3x ACC Coach of The Year (only person ever named ACC Coach of the Year in his first two seasons) and named National Coach of the Year in 2008 by CBS Sports. CPJ won more games in his first 6 seasons than any other coach is GT history… including more than CFB Legend John Heisman. CPJ has finished top 6 nationally rushing in all 7 seasons, leading the nation in 2010/2014 and finishing second in 2011.7/ 10-best seasons of total offense in school history have come under Johnson. Under Johnson, Tech has finished either first or second in ACC Coastal Division 6 /7 seasons; playing in three ACC Championship Games in his seven years. Tech has 4 10+ win seasons since 1957… 2 of those have been under Johnson (avg 8.2 wins/yr) Since coming to The Flats, Johnson has posted winning record vs. Florida St. (including first win at FSU in school history in 09) & Clemson (widely regarded as ACC’s best) and has a 2-2 record vs. UGA in Athens. Prior to Johnson, GT won only 3 times in Athens in 1975. The Jackets have scored 30+ points in 49 games since he arrived, and he’s 14-7 at Tech in games decided by five points or less. Johnson is 7-2 in home games against top-25 opponents. (CMR 16-23 vs. top 25 teams since 2007.) In 2009, Tech earned its highest national ranking (7th) since 1999. Tech did not fire Brian Gregory YEAR COACH REC CONF ACC FINISH 2011–12 Brian Gregory 11–20 4-12 12 2012–13 Brian Gregory 16–15 6-12 12 2013–14 Brian Gregory 16–17 6-12 12 2014–15 Brian Gregory 12–19 3-15 15 – 2007–08 Paul Hewitt 15–17 15-9 9 2008–09 Paul Hewitt 11–17 11-14 14 2009–10 Paul Hewitt 23–13 23-9 9 2010–11 Paul Hewitt 13–18 13-11 11 2008 Paul Johnson 9–4 5–3 T–1st (Coastal) 2009 Paul Johnson 10–3 7–1 1st (Coastal) 2010 Paul Johnson 6–7 4–4 T–3rd (Coastal) 2011 Paul Johnson 8–5 5–3 T–2nd (Coastal) 2012 Paul Johnson 7–7 5–3 T–1st (Coastal) 2013 Paul Johnson 7–6 5–3 T–2nd (Coastal) 2015 GUARANTEED Last Season 2016 $1,075,000.00 $1,075,000.00 BUYOUT 2015 2017 75% Buyout $1,075,000.00 $806,250.00 $2,418,750.00 LAST LAST 2018 50% Buyout $1,075,000.00 $537,500.00 BUYOUT 2015 $1,343,000.00 LAST BUYOUT 2016 $537,000.00 BUYOUT 2017 2015 GUARANTEED Current Season 2016 $3,020,000.00 $3,020,000.00 $9,040,000.00 2017 $3,020,000.00 $3,020,000.00 2018 IF FIRED 2017 $1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00 2019 or before = 1 mil /yr $1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00 BUYOUT 2015 2020 Buyout remainder $1,000,000.00 $1,000,000.00 BCS Bowl Games BCS BOWL APPEARANCES SINCE 2010 Oregon Alabama Ohio St Stanford FSU Wisconsin GA Tech 6 5 5 4 3 3 2 2010 Rose Bowl 2010 BCS NCG 2010 Rose Bowl 2011 Orange 2013 Orange 2011 Rose 2010 Orange 2011 BCS NCG 2012 BCS NCG 2011 Sugar 2012 Fiesta 2014 BCS NCG 2012 Rose 2015 Orange 2012 Rose 2013 BCS NCG 2014 Orange 2013 Rose 2015 Rose 2013 Rose 2013 Fiesta 2014 Sugar 2015 Sugar 2014 Rose 2015 BCS NCG 2015 Sugar 2015 BCS NCG 2015 Rose Auburn Boise State Clemson Florida Oklahoma TCU VA Tech 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2011 BCS NCG 2010 Fiesta 2012 Orange 2010 Sugar 2011 Fiesta 2010 Fiesta 2011 Orange 2014 BCS NCG 2015 Fiesta 2014 Orange 2013 Sugar 2014 Sugar 2011 Rose 2012 Sugar 1 Arizona Arkansas Baylor Cincinnati UConn Iowa Kansas St 2015 Fiesta 2011 Sugar 2014 Fiesta 2010 Sugar 2011 Fiesta 2010 Orange 2013 Fiesta Louisville LSU Michigan Michigan St Miss St NIU Notre Dame 2013 Sugar 2012 BCS NCG 2012 Sugar 2014 Rose 2015 Orange 2013 Orange 2013 BCS NCG Okahoma St Texas UCF West Virginia Georgia Southern Cal Penn State 2012 Fiesta 2010 BCS NCG 2014 Fiesta 2012 Orange 0