2016 has moved quickly for me, next month Ill be moving, starting a new job with new people in a new community… I’m ready to work as hard as I ever have, I got something to prove, to a lot of people that will not care what I’ve done here and that’s what I’m most excited about. At the same time, making that jump is hard. Dahlonega is home, I love everything about it here, I’ve put my heart and soul into whatever I did here – never seeking praise or ego stroke, but because I loved it, the people, the kids here and wanted that back.I’ll still be around. But keep me in your prayers… Things come full circle, that could happen again; but I know either way the journeys just begun. Posted by Josh Gralton on Friday, January 15, 2016

Stuff White People Do Online

Change their profile pictures to flags on July 4th, Memorial Day & 9/11. #ForRespect Instagram “take me back” or “missing the beach” generally some mediocre place that they want to remind everyone else they’ve been to. Tell their wife/husband happy anniversary via Facebook. Share Facebook posts for chance to win 1 of 100 free Camaros. Post “thanks for the birthday wishes” in a Grammy acceptance speech style format. Buy a good camera, become a pro photographer with a facebook page, name their business “(my name) photography” Child Loses sports game, post a photo with “played hard, great job boys” Obsecurely share their opinion on something political or religious that’s exactly the same opinion shared by the everyone else (i.e. I hate ISIS!) If > 40 years of age have have an unwavering loyalty and life long commitment to using internet explorer and yahoo mail. Pour water on your head and film it. Share photos that is a screen shot inside their camera roll vs. sharing the actual photo.

Some Things Never Change

The date was 10 1010 october 10, 2010 game three I remember going down buying a ticket for $30 and thinking how ridiculous it was to get a ticket like to Atlanta, The brace it just came back to take a lead into Craig Kimbrel came on in the ninth-inning and it was within one out away from taking it to one series lead and having a chance to Clinchit home the next day and Bobby Cox’s Final season Kimber want the next guy doubled and Conrad’s are the Braves lost one with devastating games are for bidden to. That night was a kind of a mock microcosm of how it is to be a Braves fan I can’t win no matter what.   in Atlanta you can buy $30 tickets to playoff games after you win 10 years in a row because “fans” don’t go the games. In Atlanta you’re expected to sign big free-agents to win now a Ugglas Upton’s… When that doesn’t work blame the farm system, for not doing things “the right way”,  in Atlanta when you copy the exact blue print of other successful trams letter midmarket and went from the worst of making the playoffs in one year, trams like Pitsburgh, NY Mets, Kansas City, San Francisco…well that’s not good either. Because if you do that in Atlanta – you’re obviously on part of the giant conspiracy and you were hired as the general manager because you don’t want to when you want them to lose, better yet you’re trying to lose.   Braves build new park to increase fan experience  Don’t need a new park, need to build a team Braves fans expect a winner without showing up to the games, build new stadium. Don’t need new stadium, need to build new team that’s a winner worthy of their attendance. Braves fans want a club that wins now not far in future, but also need to think about the future and not hastily make poor decisions in an attempt to win now.  For Braves fans the sky was falling on 10/10/10 in the playoffs, it was falling going all in on Upton, Uggla and Ugly moves and it’s falling when they fold their hand and play for next year… and chances are whether they are winning, losing or 81-81 they’ll find a way to say it’s falling then too.  But you see the road through Atlanta is always 1 way. If I was a player going out to try to win every single day or in management or an not a sports fan at all… and I see my fanbase ripping me from keyboards or a Facebook wall post, I’d ask myself what the hell I owe you? When your already down, probably nobody more disappointed than yourself – why would anyone want to play hard for a fanbase ripping you 4 games in with 158 left to go? If we started 4-0 would the outlook be any different? In Atlanta… you can’t win, don’t deserve to win. In Chicago and Boston and most other places not called-Atlanta… You just show up, win, lose or draw and you support your team whether it’s 1 or 100 years, that’s what being a fan is about. You don’t need Friday night fireworks, kids running bases, Tooner Field, Zombie Night or Any other sideshow to sell it, you go to the game to go to the game. Can you be disappointed? Pissed off? Angry? Sure, but nobody jumps ship, bandwagons during the highs and lows and is less committed 365 then Atlanta fans. I laugh every season when UGA Loses and somebody posts “always a dawg” like their special or really unique, thinking “congrats, your normal, you average sports fan, have a cookie for your deep compassion and loyalty. The sad thing is that it’s actually true, their “the unique” and the minority. Atlanta just doesn’t get it… and. probably never will.