Bobby Shut Up & Go Home (Like Playoffs)

I get so freaking sick and tired of the Atlanta love affair with Bobby Cox. I thought he retired? He’s involved with literally every Braves function and event He seems to always been sitting around giving his two cents and worshipped like a god… Here’s the facts- Cox had the best pitching staff arguably in the history of baseball, three first-ballot hall of famers in their prime together for a decade +, guys that never missed any significant time with injuries and passed CY Young Awards around to each other for an entire decade + and 4th/5th rotation guys that would be most clubs 2nd-3rd option. He also benefitted from having the greatest defensive center-fielder in MLB history who never missed a game and one of the top 3 switch-hitters of all-time, some dude named Chipper Jones. Cox was given a team with a payroll that averaged top 4 in the MLB… EVERY season, for the duration of his ENTIRE career… Check the stats, If you eliminate 1995 you could easily compile a strong argument Bobby ultimately did less with more than anyone else as a manager all-time. Frank Wren & Co. had been given a payroll that ranked in the mid-bottom half of the MLB (15th/16th past 2 years), 3/5 of the rotation was injured in spring training. You cannot operate a successful franchise and convince players to play just “because it’s the Braves” and lower than the market value, you no longer have the luxury of declining any and all no-trade clauses, you cannot alienate agents like Scott Boras (who control a large portion % wise of the talent market) to not even respond or speak to them because your team is bigger than that, it’s a much different game economically than it was 10-15 years ago. So when you compare staff A who consistently achieved slightly above average with the best assets vs. staff B who achieved nothing with mediocre assets who wins? spoiler alert… both suck!! Here’s the kicker- In reality comparing the two is idiotic, but JS and the “Braves Way” and assuming they still hold the cards, why Bobby has so much influence despite him being ‘retired’ is absolutely asinine to think about. Frank Wren was mentored in ‘The Braves Way’ and then the landscape of the game changed, his moves were bolder, louder and cut and dry and they failed… but the Braves way left him with almost no choice in this. If you walk from players like the Uptons, Uggla, etc. and don’t complete these deals (with very little leverage and current club foundation similarly experienced by JS-who indirectly caused great deal of the erosion of that by trading 5 prospects for Teixeira since it was no longer on his watch) Less money, harder to sell frachise, less clout, more higher market clubs all those things lead to you making knee-jerk FA signings, otherwise you can turn into the Astros pretty quick, Freddie Freeman says he agrees with Bobby Cox’s vote of confidence for Fredi. “Always positive, always has our backs” #Braves— Kevin McAlpin (@KevinMcAlpin) September 22, 2014 Anyone have a job where they fail to meet their expectations consistently over course of entire year and your manager is sincerely positive about that and had your back? probably not. If they did then their a pretty terrible manager. Why? because their job is to see that you improve, you grow and  not that you benefit the entire unit. Otherwise you are saying “I’m really satisfied with being mediocre.” or “they played their hearts out”, lets pretend its ok when the situation wont ever change, and their approach wont either. I’m hearing what some other folks have speculated with #braves: Wren wanted Fredi Gonzalez out, and Bobby Cox pushed to keep him.— Jerry Crasnick (@jcrasnick) September 22, 2014 Fredi G as Braves Manager 2011: 5-13 down stretch; arguably worst collapse in franchise history, wrote books about it. 2012: loses WC game at home in ‘playoffs’ 2013: dominated 3-1 in divisional round vs. Dodgers allowing 27 runs (6.75/gm). 2014: 4-14 so far in Sep; 554 runs scored ranks 29/30 in MLB, last Braves team to score less than 600 runs? a quarter century ago (1989) JS getting back to the ‘Braves Way’ is an arrogant narcissistic pat on the back to yourself… to what little you did at a time while your longtime co-worker (and would think friend in the game) is packing up & moving on, and that is a classless pitiful move by JS. Let’s be real clear…the ‘Braves Way‘ has really never changed, its 3-run homer baseball for the reg season win vs. terrible inter-divison pitching 70 games a year… it’s half-full ballparks and shutout losses in October once playoffs starts, it’s once you face pressure or teams that manufacture runs in high-leverage situations you choke,  it’s when we strike out a dozen times or more each game and then go home and talk about how good we are “the Braves way” because we go to that first round. Justifying that as your goal is and it’s always being upbeat… when you should be angry because your not satisfied with that. Wecome to Atlanta… we’re always satisfied with that, it’s what we can tell each other we’re the best and still enjoy the game …that’s the ‘Braves Way.’,

Bleed Positive

Approach is everything, I’ve seen people that approach things in an always positive way. That comes back to how your kids act, that’s really something I’ve seen over the years, some people always bring positive energy to situations, approach problems in a better way than most. I see some complain about minor things, certain people that aren’t involved, parents always hard on others, and those that feel sorry for themselves in situations. What about people that never have that at all? I respect those that take in everything with class, never whine or makes excuses, your problems are insignificant to someone else, it’s always better or worse for another person. I look up to those people and have learned a lot, that’s how I want to approach life, you can look at what you don’t have all the time or make the best of everything and just be great anyway. The world won’t feel sorry for you… I’m learning that a lot coaching over the years and in sports that multiplies to your team, bleeds into them and affects the people around you. When it comes to coaching I’ve learned so much from seeing many different great players, and the different ways they react. How I react. What effects your approach and what doesn’t, I’ve grown up with teams and gone through plenty of learning (and still learning) myself. One of the biggest things I’ve seen in success, better word in happiness… is that you can’t value yourself by what everyone tells you. If the great ones always did that (and some do, some feed off it completely, and it defines them) most would be way too overconfident, because everyone says “your great”. Your attitude and personality is going to be magnified because when your good people will look that much harder to find a flaw. I try to be the same guy, act the same way win or lose, but do not do as good a job as some I’ve seen, some younger, some older, and constantly want to improve upon that. In a sense it’s a total reflection of some peoples upbringing, parenting and how they are raised growing up. How you handle adversity, success, the highs, lows, peaks and valleys. High expectations are great, but they don’t need to be from others, only yourself; big difference… I find myself sometimes more concerned and consumed with what the world wants me to be… or do and I can’t do that, what motivates me? What makes me happy at end of the day? How do you value certain situations, do you see the benefits or just the flaws? Many negative experiences, events and things I’ve gone through in my life were really positive because they are ingrained in how I live, act and coach now; they wouldn’t be important if I didn’t have a negative effect from certain things so ultimately in many ways you have to feel thankful for them. I’ve never worried about what people think as a coach, I don’t want To coach forever… But it definitely is something that gives you that feeling like you make a difference… That’s very cool Not always, but you do what you can. Give me a player with less talent and more heart, than someone that’s lazy and talented, it’s very rare to have both! It’s just crazy thinking about things like that, pros and cons to everything, kind of mind boggling to think about… Some you see with a perfect life, have everything, have support, talent, loving ‘Christmas Card’ family, but they don’t apply themselves. Others you see hit in big with nothing, and we all fall somewhere in the middle. Which is better to have? I don’t think there is a right answer. I guess the moral Of the story is … Life’s what you make it, oh and how many Facebook likes you get… that’s up there too. 😉