A Good Day

This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24 Very surreal experience this evening, I’m headed back from town on highway 9 have a lot on my mind, sheet of paper in my passenger seat I’m jotting down things I need to get done tomorrow and this weekend, emails I need to write and respond to. I’ve always been a list maker but not good at prioritizing, I plan out things months in advance, but can’t get to where I need to be on time today. I get to the straight away part of the road and nobody is behind me or in front of me. A can see a car coming from the opposite direction around a curve about 500 yards away, nobody is behind or in front of them. As the car in making the turn it loses control, and for a second goes on two wheels making a complete 360, going into the other lane and finally comes to a stop off into a ditch, almost straight up in the air. Their was no blown tire, the tired weren’t bald and they weren’t going too fast from my point of view. There is nothing in the road and the car has no damage to it. It felt like a dream, one I have had a couple times before. I pull over and go check on the driver, a little shaken but totally fine. Once they get in touch with someone I head on my way, and thats where the story ends. It wasn’t a big deal at the time, I didn’t mention it to anyone actually. But later I start thinking about it, the time frame and replaying the whole scene over again in my head. How nobody else is around and how no damage or injuries occured. 3-4 seconds later and the car hits me sideways/head-on drivers side at around 45 MPH. 3-4 seconds of time different and my night changes, my weekend changes, my entire life changes really. I drive a go-kart with no side air-bags, maybe my life ends right then and there. Instead, nobodys life really changed much. Nobody got hurt, nothing was damaged and life moves forward. I guess what hit home to me tonight is that sometimes I need to slow down and live today. I’m not saying it’s not good to make plans, or think about the future, but I don’t need to obsess about it. The future will come, or maybe it won’t, but I can’t waste today focused only on what’s going on tomorrow. There is plenty to be thankful for today, a lot to live for today, and I’m glad that I didn’t rush getting today over with by 3-4 seconds, and hopefully, I’ll try to remember that tomorrow.