Learning Educator

EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Some of my best experiences in physical education were in high school when I learned how to play some new sports and also learned the correct rules in which they are played by. Badminton and volleyball were two sports that I gained a much better knowledge of while in high school. My experience in both physical education and sport that I remember most was the social experience of both, playing and learning new things with your peers was one of my most memorable events of high school. Some of the most disheartening experiences I have had in physical education were teachers that were unprepared and just let us do the same activities day after day. The most disheartening part of sports experiences was not reaching a set goal as a team. I admired one of my soccer coaches in high school and his job prompted me to try and enter the same field he was currently employed. The lifestyle he lived was very admirable and one that I would enjoy living similarly. My coach had good values and principles in which he coached by and didn’t sacrifice these during tough times or tough games played. He enjoyed his job everyday and didn’t seem like he had any major worries like most jobs do. I liked his personality dealing with kids and how much he cared about the difference he could make and I envied his position. I agree with the tradition philosophy of realism listed in the textbook. I believe that science and studies can be researched to find what we can do better as coaches and educators and what ideas and knowledge we can pass on is the most successful and influential. I believe that by drills and trial and error we can discover new things that will be beneficial to students and direct them in the right direction for achievement. The code of ethics for coaches is good because it is widely accepted that by portraying these things you can impact a student’s life for the better. The standards for a coach are to be a good influence in a student athlete’s life and to lead them in a good direction on and off the field of play. As a coach I should exemplify good sportsmanship and leadership to athletes and to members of the school. I should be a leader is providing education, information, and direction to my athletes and people that I have the ability to influence. I should realize that by being in the public eye I should set a good example and not stumble when I have the opportunity to send someone in a positive direction. My personal philosophy would be to do everything possible to let my students see different ways to be successful and to encourage them to be great at anything that they love to do. I think it is very important as an educator to be a positive influence in the lives of the students that I teach and coach. I think putting the best interest of the athlete is first and the interest of personal ego and accolades is second. I would hope to provide a good environment in my classroom or coaching arena that would encourage learning, growth, development, and success. I want to be able to instill morals, values, and goal-based ideas to enrich attitudes and character both in and outside of the classroom and on and off the field of play. I want to exemplify good sportsmanship and show respect to everyone that comes into contact with me whether it be a coach, referee, or fellow teacher so I will always be respected myself and be given the benefit of the doubt. I will represent my employer humbly and professionally in all things that I take a part in and model all of the school’s beliefs to the best of my ability. I will support all rules and wishes of my employer even if disagreed upon so that we may function better as one unit and succeed as a whole rather than as individuals. I want to be a good role model, a respected member of the faculty, and a respected member of the community.

GT Recruiting: By The Numbers

It’s no secret Georgia Tech hasn’t exactly been dominating the recruiting rankings the past several years. Most of the fan base, including myself, have been screaming for CPJ to improve this area for the program to get out of it’s recent decline in on-field performance. Overall, recruiting is an essential component of building a yearly contender, but the truth is… It can go both ways, even for the big boys. A few recruiting notes by the numbers:   Another tidbit– Interestingly enough Georgia has more committed 4-star prospects this season than GA Tech has signed in the past 6 years COMBINED… and one final thought, has Tevin Washington etched himself beside he who must not be named for GT legendary (failure) icon status? That is for you to decide, but here are a few low-lights from 2012: