UGA All-Time Arrests Team

After Georgia DB Sanders Commings was arrested last night on a domestic violence charge, I joked they should make a cheat code on NCAA Football 2012 for an ‘ALL-TIME UGA Arrests Team’. After a little research, I found out that you indeed could actually create one, here’s the roster: STARTING OFFENSEQB Zach MettenbergerMettenberger was arrested with five charges: underage possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct, sexual battery, obstruction and two counts of possession of false identification in an incident near ValdostaTB Washaun Ealeyarrested and jailed on a hit-and-run charge, He was placed into the custody of Athens-Clarke County law enforcement and is was held in jail on a $3,000 bondRB Dontavious Jacksonarrested and charged with DUI under 21, underage possession, violation of the “move over law”, leaving the scene of an accident, and following too closelyWR Tavarres Kingarrested while riding with the intoxicated Jackson, was charged with underage possession of alcoholWR Hines Wardarrested for DUI early on July 9, 2011, failing to mantain a lane, as he ran his Aston Martin into a curbTE Tripp Chandlerarrested for open containters, furnishing alcohol to minors, and underage possessionOT Josh Parrisharrested for public intoxicationOT Vince Vancearrested for underage possession of alcohol, possession of false identificationOT Clint Bolingarrested on a charge of DUIOG Trinton Sturdivantarrested for simple batteryOG Justin Andersonarrested and jailed briefly Monday night on charges of misdemeanor simple batteryOG Jonathan Owensarrested for driving a motorcycle without a valid licenseHonorable Mention: RB Caleb Kingarrested in Athens for failing to appear in court in Walton County for a speeding ticket STARTING DEFENSEDE Michael Lemonarrested and charged with a felony in an alcohol-related battery incident that sent a University student to the hospital with a severe eye injuryDE Jeremy Lomaxarrested for speeding, possession of a concealed weaponDT Johnathan SullivanThe #6 overall selection in the 2003 NFL Draft, Sullivan was charged with running two red lights and possession of marijuanna in 2006, he lasted just 4 seasons in the league NT Brandon Wood stopped for driving without headlights, and then was arrested for DUI LB Montez RobinsonSimple battery, criminal damage/second degree, Underage possession of alcoholLB Demetre BakerDUI, underage possession of alcohol and improper drivingLB Rennie Curranarrested on charges of simple batteryLB Cornelius Washingtonarrested on a charge of DUI after being stopped by police in Commerce for driving 92 mph in a 55-mph zoneCB Sanders Commingswas arrested this past Friday night and charged with domestic violence and simple batteryCB Donavon Baldwinarrested on charges of speeding and driving on a suspended licenseS Vance CuffDriving without a valid licenseS Alec OgletreeThe best of the best, this is true: arrested after police issued a warrant for for the theft of a SCOOTER HELMETS Bacarri RamboRambo tested positive after eating some brownies that he did not realize contained marijuana during a spring break trip with friends to Panama City, Fla., oops! I’m sure he was totally unaware of this! poor guyHonorable Mention: CB Jordan LoveObstruction of a law enforcement officer, Love was arrested at a scene for obstruction because he would not provide his full name to the officer SPECIAL TEAMSLS Jeff Hensonarrested in downtown Athens for public intoxication and public urinationP Trent Dittmerarrested and charged with public intoxicationK Collin BarberThe incoming bulldog committment was arrested and charged with four counts of destruction of mailboxes TEAM STAFFAD Damon EvansUniversity of Georgia athletics director Damon Evans has been relieved of his duties after he was charged with DUI on Wednesday night in Atlanta, a person familiar with the situation told on Sunday. The married Evans was intoxicated in the vehicle with a woman other than his wife, but A Georgia coach told on Sunday that during a meeting with several Bulldogs coaches on Thursday, Evans said his relationship with the 28-year-old passenger in his car was “nothing more than friends.” UPDATES! 2/3/12: Three University of Georgia football players were kicked off the team for stealing from a teammate, according to a source. Nick Marshall, Chris Sanders and Sanford Seay were dismissed after allegedly taking around $500 in money and valuables. 3/9/12: A BIG addition to the All-UGA Arrests Squad; Orson Charles was arrested for drunken driving early Friday morning, March 9th. Charles was charged with driving under the influence and impeding traffic flow by Athens-Clarke County Police after being stopped at approximately 3:00 AM, as he was stopped in the roadway at South Milledge Ave and Morton Ave when a police officer pulled up behind him to check if his vehicle was disabled, he then began to drive away and the officer followed him a short distance before pulling over the vehicle. Charles registered a .095 blood alcohol level and was arrested for DUI. 3/12/12: Georgia cornerback Branden Smith was arrested Sunday night and charged with possession of marijuana following a traffic stop. 4/29/12: Caleb King, who played for the University of Georgia but was ruled academically ineligible to play for the team last fall, has been arrested on assault charges, King is accused of punching the victim repeatedly and throwing him headfirst to the ground outside a birthday party. The man was hospitalized with skull and facial fractures, cuts that required more than 50 stitches and may have a serious head injury. 6/29/12: Georgia tailback Isaiah Crowell has been dismissed from the team following his arrest early Friday morning on three felony weapons charges. According to Athens police, Crowell was arrested at a “vehicle check-point” on Green Street at 2:20 a.m. Friday. The officer reported smelling the odor of marijuana in Crowell’s silver 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Crowell gave consent to search the vehicle, No marijuana was discovered but a black 9-mm Luger handgun with an altered serial number was found under the driver’s seat. Crowell, a sophomore from Columbus, was immediately arrested and taken to jail at 3:37 a.m. on charges of possessing a concealed weapon, having a weapon in a school zone and having an altered ID mark on that weapon. His bond, originally set at $7,500, was raised to $9,500 late Friday morning. Crowell, who came to UGA in 2011 as the No. 1-rated running back prospect in America, was slated to start for the Bulldogs at tailback this season. During his freshman campaign he was also suspended by the team twice, including the home opener vs. New Mexico State, reportedly for failing a drug test. 8/2/12: Chase Vasser, UGA junior outside linebacker from Gainesville, was arrested for driving under the influence back in May in Atlanta, Georgia officials confirmed on Thursday. The 21-year-old projected starter has been suspended for the first two games of the season as per UGA’s student-athlete conduct code.

Twitter Fever

Yes, I will reluctantly admit that I was “That Guy;” you know, the one that says “Twitter is stupid” Well I changed my mind, like so many others that repeat the process: 1. Sign up for Twitter 2. Say you don’t understand it (what #doesthismean and why do you @certainpeople?) 3. Become hooked (If you become active- participate/post regularly & often) I’d say the main reason people dislike twitter is because “nobody follows them” well, that is to be expected and everyone has to start somewhere, it can be a while, it’s not Facebook. If you want people (other than friends) to follow you than your tweets need to be interesting enough to give them a reason to (funny, interesting, insightful). I’m not claiming to be popular or an expert by any means, but this is the defining aspect that separates Twitter from other social networks. New User Tips: 1. High Activity Level; tweet about whatever you want and often, even if you don’t think anyone cares. Retweet others and respond to other peoples stuff frequently. Other people have to know that your there! 2. Use [#] Hashtags…but use them properly; A hashtag isn’t pointless, they were created as a way to categorize messages. If you click on a hash tag, it will show you all the other tweets associated with a hashtag. For example, if you post ‘The #Braves are winning!’ someone using the search bar that types in ‘Braves’, or someone that clicks on you or another users ‘#Braves’ will see your tweet globally in real-time, if you don’t hashtag ‘Braves’ than your tweet is only seen by people that follow you. It’s just a cool way to see the entire networks views, opinions and/or traffic on a certain topic. You will increase your visibility and exposure if you use popular hashtags often. You see a lot of people that don’t get the point of them, users that hashtag things people will never search for like #WHYisHEstaringATme, it can sometimes be funny or just what you want to do, but repeatedly using super random hashtags is stupid, it shows you don’t get the point. 3. Tweet About & Use The TTs (Trending Tweets/Topics); the hashtags ‘trending worldwide’ are a great thing to use if you don’t know where to start or what to talk about. If you #hashtag trending topics than your will always have somebody reading your tweets; people WILL start to follow you that want to hear what you have to say. In conclusion, it can be slow and boring and seem pointless… but who cares? Say it anyway! You’ll find it can be pretty fun.

Championship Road Thru ATL

Ok, so it’s not really what you’re thinking. I guess you could spin things just about however you want, and this is nothing to really get excited about if your an Atlanta fan- but check out this odd, coincidental list I compiled of recent performances by contending Atlanta Braves & Falcons teams: 2011 Atlanta Falcons –  Lost NFC Wild Card Round vs. New York Giants ( ? )Giants are looking good so far, knocking off the champs and most peoples pick to repeat.[ UDPATE: GIANTS WIN SUPER BOWL ] 2011 Atlanta Braves – Lost NL Wild Card to St. Louis Cardinals (Won World Series) With two games to play, the Braves held a 1 game lead over St. Louis in the NL Wild-Card, even after losing 7 of their past 10 games. The Cardinals won and the Braves lost their last two games; St. Louis took over the last NL playoff spot and the rest is history. 2010 Atlanta Falcons – Lost NFC Divisional Playoff vs. Green Bay Packers (Won Super Bowl)After finishing 13-3, the Falcons had a bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The team laid an egg there, losing their first and only game 48-21, a divisional round matchup against Green Bay. 2010 Atlanta Braves – Lost NL Divisional Playoff vs. San Francisco Giants (Won World Series)With 2 outs in the top of the 9th, The Braves were 1 pitch away from taking a 2-1 series lead vs. the Giants when Freddy Sanchez went down 0-2 after swinging at the first two pitches from Craig Kimbrel. He eventually singled, and San Francisco rallied for 2 runs, going on to win the game and eventually the series. 2009 Atlanta Falcons – Lost Division to New Orleans Saints (Won Super Bowl)Atlanta was off to a hot 4-1 start after winning the division and finishing 11-5 the previous year, so it was no surprise the Falcons were a heavy Favorite against the Saints in the their first matchup; a team that finishing dead last in the NFC South in 2008, still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina. The Saints won that Monday night and eventually both games against the Falcons; won the division and later Super Bowl XLIV. 2008/2009 Braves – Lost Division to Philadelphia Phillies (Won World Series/Won National League)In 2008, Atlanta struggled mightily against the World Series Champions, losing the division. In 2009, the Bravos got within just 4 games of the Phillies after a 7 game winning steak in September, but it wasn’t enough as Atlanta stumbled down the stretch. The Phillies didn’t- they went on to win their 2nd straight NL pennant. 2008 Atlanta Falcons – Lost NFC Wild Card Round vs. Arizona Cardinals (Won Super Bowl)The Falcons were entering the playoffs a confident bunch, having won 7 of their past 9 and drawing a favorable Wild-Card matchup against Arizona. The Cardinals had stumbled into the playoffs, losing 4 of their past 6 regular season games. Atlanta led at the half 17-14, but eventually lost the game to the suprise Super Bowl Champions.

Favorite Quotes

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.Robert Louis Stevenson Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.Tim Notke The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.Ferdinand Foch Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me, going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.Steve Jobs The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.Malcolm Forbes Why do we inflict this on ourselves? I’ll tell you why, cause the Red Sox never let you down. Every April they’re here. At 1:05 or 7:05, there’s a game, and if it gets rained out, guess what? They make it up to you. Does anyone else in your life do that? The Red Sox don’t get divorced. This is a real family.Jimmy Fallon (Fever Pitch) The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.Mia Hamm

Is It Braves Opening Day Yet?

Football in Atlanta is over and done with, and the Braves first regular season game vs. the rival Mets in New York is less than 3 months away. The Braves will look to rebound after their extremely disappointing finish in 2011. The off-season break has been quiet, still- it’s never too early to get excited about Braves Opening Day. Here’s a look and analysis on Atlanta’s past Opening Day line-ups since 1991, and a quick breakdown from each position: Braves 2012 [Super-Early] Projected Lineup: Bourn CF Prado LF Freeman 1B McCann C Uggla 2B Jones 3B Heyward RF Pastornicky SS Hudson P

The Cold Braves of Hotlanta

Sometimes in baseball you hear a GM or analyst say a player may benefit from “a change in scenery,” and although it may be cliché it can sometimes hold some truth. Atlanta’s Turner Field is considered by most to be a pitcher friendly ballpark. The vast majority of former and current players have enjoyed playing in Atlanta. It’s not a place that has the media pressure of New York or Boston, the fans are supportive and it’s a nice city with pleasant weather. Baseball has always been a sport where statistics can be inflated, bias-magnified and exaggerated. The Blue Jays are a hacking “swing for the fences” type team always near the top of the AL in homers. Would Jose Bautista hit 50 homers on an ‘ABC baseball’ type club? Would Derek Jeter be as big of a star if he wasn’t a Yankee? No one really knows the answer, but it’s a part of the sport that is what it is. For whatever reason, the Braves recently have had guys that have been much better on another, less-successful club; whether it be coming in or heading out. Nate McClouth evolved from an all-star 25 HR/100 RBI player, to a huge dud knocking only 21 dingers in 2.5 seasons with the Braves. Alex Gonzalez and Kelly Johnson switched places as power-hitting, feared sluggers and Francoeur & Escobar’s numbers have consistently improved in almost every offensive category. Here are the recent stat lines of these 5 guys, highlights in green and lowlights in red: Judging by the numbers, it appears life isn’t always good in the ATL. These recent Atlanta Braves have unfortunately validated that the grass may truly be greener on the other side.