Top 5 ATL Sports Moments

Miracle on North Avenue – Georgia Tech 31, Florida State 28 November 1, 2008 @ Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field Georgia Tech recovers a fumble in the end zone, and beats #16 FSU for the first time since 1975. Call By: Wes Durham | Video “Carr to the right with Butler defending. Snap, Ponders hands, this is Thomas, FUMBLE! FUMBLED THE BALL! and Georgia Tech I think has recovered, THEY HAVE! OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! THE JACKETS HAVE RECOVERED THE FOOTBALL, IN THE END ZONE! HE FUMBLED THE FOOTBALL AND RASHAAD REID FELL ON IT! OH MY GOODNESS!”   Welcome to the Show – Braves 16, Cubs 5 April 5, 2010 @ Turner Field Jason Heyward homers off Carlos Zambrano, in his first major league at bat on Opening Day 2010. Call By: Chip Carey (and Joe Simpson) | Video “Teams will go and find out in Jason can handle fast balls, in on his hands, right away. [the pitch] SWING AND DRIVE, BELTED RIGHT! WELCOME TO THE SHOW! [long pause, crowd noise] UNBELIEVABLE.. I can’t even imagine, I can’t even put into what, what that must have felt like, I don’t think Jason’s feet even hit the ground except to touch three bases well, three bases and home plate.”   The Legend is Born – Georgia Tech 28, Clemson 24 September 11, 2004 @ Frank Howard Field – “Death Valley” Clemson muffs punt to seal game and true freshman Calvin Johnson scores his third 3 TD with 11 seconds left to give Tech the victory. Call By: Wes Durham | Video “Ball from under center, sets, throws, Johnson’s there, it is… CAUGHT! TOUCHDOWN! CALVIN JOHNSON! SON OF A GUN! HE HAS ABSOLUTELY LIVED UP TO THE LEGENDARY BILLING! AND WITH 11 SECONDS LEFT, GEORGIA TECH HAS TAKEN THE LEAD! ARE YOU SERIOUS? REGGIE BALL TOOK 3 STEPS, LOOPED IT, AND THE LEGEND IS BORN IN CALVIN JOHNSON! HOLY SMOKES!”   Drive Home Safely – Falcons 22, Bears 20 October 12, 2008 @ The Georgia Dome Game appears over after bears score with 11 seconds left, but with a nice kick return, a quick pass, and a Jason Elam 48 yard field goal the Falcons pull out the improbable victory. Call By: Wes Durham | Video “Ryan has 3 receivers in the set, snap to him, Chicago brings 4, Matt will throw, down field, Jenkins there, CAUGHT! OUT OF BOUNDS WITH 1 SECOND LEFT! MICHAEL JENKINS MAKES THE CATCH AT THE CHICAGO 30 YARD LINE! [Line up for field goal] Snap, spot, kick is away, and it is… GOOD! DRIVE HOME SAFELY! ATLANTA WINS! IN DRAMATIC FASHION! Jason ELAM A 48 YARD FIELD GOAL! AND ATLANTA HAS PULLED VICTORY, FROM THE JAWS OF DEFEAT…AGAINST THE CHICAGO BEARS.”   Are You Kidding Me? – Braves 10, Reds 9 May 20, 2010 @ Turner Field Brooks Conrad hits walk-off grand slam, and Braves score 7 runs in the 9th to stun the Reds. Call By: Chip Carey | Video “Its 9-6 and there still loaded! [Conrad to bat] High fly ball, pretty well hit, back goes Nix, at the wall, leaps, it’s..IT’S OFF HIS GLOVE! IT’S A GRAND SLAM AND THE BRAVES WIN IT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  

WNBA All-Star Game!

Ok, so maybe I am getting a little off topic with the ‘Atlanta sports’ theme; but here are a few interested notes and facts about the league. This is not to ‘diss’ the league as a whole; just the facts. mens sports have problems of there own as well. -Each player in tonight’s All-Star Game will receive a whopping $2500 bonus! -Andrew Bogut (and lot’s of others) makes more money than every WNBA player on every team COMBINED. -According to the Ask Men article written in 2007 the WNBA league has a negative profit of over 120 million dollars. -The Atlanta Dream were your 2010 Eastern Conference Champions with a 19-15 overall record!

Kenshin Katastrophe

Its no secret that Kawakami didn’t quite pan out according to plan, but check out these numbers: In his last two road starts for AA Mississippi- 2 GS – 6.0 IP – 17 Hits – 15 Runs – 15 EARNED Run 4 HRs – 4 BBs – 3 Ks – Opo. Avg .500 – ERA 22.50 Whew.. That was tough to write; with numbers like that I’m all for Atlanta calling him back up… to pitch braves BP; we could use the boost in confidence! The media focuses alot on the Teixeira deal; (granted we did get the bad end of that one) but Tex actually did produce in his time in Hotlanta. I think this move (3 yr/23 mil) is right up there on the worst contacts in Braves franchise history.