Money Talks

Major League Baseball’s payroll system is very different than the NBA, NHL and NFL because no team has a ‘cap’ or maximum amount a they can operate under financially; it obviously has a direct correlation to success although in recent history WS participants weren’t always the highest payroll teams. There are a few teams that have perennial success operating as a team with a mid to low payroll. Year-to-year some teams continually WIN with a high payroll (Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Phillies), WIN with a low payroll (Marlins, A’s, Rays), LOSE with a high payroll (Cubs, Mets) and LOSE with a low payroll (Pirates, Royals, Nationals). Here is a chart breaking down the top/bottom five teams in baseball based on current standings.

How Good Has Beachy Been?

I organized this chart to breakdown the starters performance at this point in the season. A couple of things stand out; Beachy has been extremely impressive in his rookie year and should be a front runner for NL ROY if he can stay healthy and continue to pitch well in the second half of the season. BB has racked up 66 K’s; 4 less than Hudson who has pitched almost double his amount of innings. Jurrjens is tied for the NL lead in wins and is the outright NL leader in ERA. Hanson is 3rd in the NL in ERA. If your worst pitcher (so far-Lowe) is a veteran inning eater who stays healthy and has started 17 games… you are looking pretty good. I don’t anticipate the Braves to catch the Phillies, but I do believe they will run away with the NL Wild Card in the second half of the 2011 season.

Cliche Athlete Interviews

I haven’t posted anything in a while and decided to comment on athlete questions on ESPN. I usually have ESPN going on in the background while I work, and I find it very annoying hearing the same questions and responses again and again while athletes are interviewed. Here is some of my favorites: Its a 162 game season…We take it one game at a time. Do you thing the injury to [insert any name] will hurt you as a team?Yes, he is a good player, we will miss him, but we have to come together as a team like we have all season and find a way to win. What adjustments does the team need to make to have a better effort in the 2nd half?blah blah blah… we just have to play better and score more points. How do you like playing in [city]?I love it, I fit in here nicely, blah blahTranslation: They pay me. What was going through your mind when you [caught the touchdown, made the play, etc]?Well, I was just thinking catch the ball, we need to score, or what have you… duh! Do you think there play has gotten inside your heads?Um… I can’t answer yes so… No Is the poor play of [player] affecting the team, how does it affect things?No, he is a good player, he works hard, he is making adjustments, blah blahTranslation: Yes, if a player on the team plays bad it hurts us obviously. The team is better than you are on paper, right?Yes, the game isn’t played on paper though.. We can come together and give a better effort.Translation: The team with better players of course has an advantage in everything… How is the atmosphere out there?It’s gonna be a war out there. These two teams don’t like each other. There are no easy games in this league. The season is a marathon – not a sprint. We have to step up and make plays. WE HAVE TO PLAY OUR GAME!! Well, looks like I didn’t lose, I just ran out of time…Any other personal favorites you have?