2011 Braves – Payroll

Projected Payroll: 89 Million SP-Tim Hudson [9 MIL]SP-Derek Lowe [15 MIL]SP-Tommy Hanson [484K]SP-Jair Jurrjens [3 MIL]SP-Mike Minor [440K] RP-Jonny Venters [440K]RP-Craig Kimbrel [440K]RP-Eric O’Flaherty [900K]RP-Stephen Marek [400K]RP-Scott Proctor [750K]RP-RP- C Brian McCann [6.5 MIL]1B Freddie Freeman [400K]2B Dan Uggla [10 MIL]3B Chipper Jones [14 MIL]SS Alex Gonzalez [2.5 MIL]LF Martin Prado [3.5 MIL]CF Nate McClouth [6.5 MIL]RF Jason Heyward [440K] BC- David Ross [1.6 MIL]UT- Joe Mather [440K]OF-IF-PH-Total*: 81.1 MIL (7.9 Available) NR Payroll Obligations: Kenshin Kawakami [7.3 MIL] *Includes Possible Japan Trade; Saves Approx. 3 MilNot Returning: Glaus, Lee, Cabrera, Ankiel, Wagner, Kawakami, FarnsworthNegotiating/Questionable: Saito, Moylan, Conrad, Diaz, HinskeUnknown Under Contract-40 Man: Medlen, SchaferWatch For: Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado, Arodys Vizcaino, Brent Clevlen, Wilkin Ramirez

The Addition of Dan Uggla

Trade looks like a steal, but some are still skeptical; It frees up Prado to play his DR Winter League Position- LF and provides some insurance for when CJ takes a break at 3rd (or more likely: a season ending injury). This immediately increases our outfield defense and provides much needed pop in the middle of the lineup; I like how the Braves sold on Infante at his highest value. Here are the numbers for the past 4 seasons: Uggla2007-[159 GM] [.245 AVG] [49 2B] [31HR] [88 RBI]2008-[146 GM] [.260 AVG] [37 2B] [32HR] [92 RBI]2009-[158 GM] [.243 AVG] [27 2B] [31HR] [90 RBI]2010-[159 GM] [.287 AVG] [31 2B] [33HR] [105 RBI]Infante2007-[66 GM] [.271 AVG] [6 2B] [2HR] [17 RBI]2008-[96 GM] [.293 AVG] [24 2B] [3HR] [40 RBI]2009-[70 GM] [.305 AVG] [9 2B] [2HR] [27 RBI]2010-[134 GM] [.321 AVG] [15 2B] [8HR] [47 RBI] Mike Dunn, who has good stuff- likely will max out as a mid inning bullpen guy, who the braves are stocked with. This gives the braves a lineup (projected now) that looks like-Prado [LF], Heyward [RF], Jones [3B], Uggla [2B], McCann [C], Gonzales [SS], Freeman [1B], McClouth [CF] That lineup looks much better than last season, and arguably gives the braves the most powerful infield in baseball.


The series has been dominated by UGA; CPJ at least has given the jackets a chance to win (one possession & drive away in the two losses) since his time at The Institute; he clearly out coached CMR last night- including the decision to let UGA score with under 2 minutes to play (CMR stated that this was an excellent call by GT’s staff; and that he had been out-coached by this… ya think?!). The coaching staff grinded out a game plan that generated 512 yards of total offense led by a 3-star/sophomore QB, with all of two and a half games of experience under his belt. Those 512 yards were more than any other school (including Auburn, Florida, Arkansas and South Carolina) was able to put up against the Dawgs this season. That completely negates the statement many fans are making about needing a ‘passing game,’ and most importantly the triple option offense itself. UGA simply had more talent on the field (and have for a long time) than GT and the same pattern likely will continue until the recruiting classes even out- if they ever do. I have learned to stop looking at blogs and FaceBook; 95% of the people that post on them have very little true insight and knowledge about what they are talking about. I have found that I don’t actually ‘hate’ UGA as a football team; and that the hate for UGA has become directly related to the people talking trash to me about them. I plan on staying true to one team, and supporting them, the good times are much better that way.

Recruiting Chart

http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/3783/94540975.jpg Click the link to view the graphic; the obvious things I see are that UGA has massively underachieved based on the rivals recruiting rankings. Tech looks like they have slightly overachieved. I realize that recruiting has become political like the BCS system, so the rankings are probably off a bit. With the talent UGA has (#6 overall) they should be far better than 5-5 this season- even if you throw in the fact that some of these players in the rankings red shirted, transferred, etc.It is very interesting to look at to say the least.

2010 GT MCBB Program

Georgia Tech lost to K-State this evening, easily the most embarrassing loss I have seen since I have been following Tech. If Paul Hewitt was a president- He would have already been assassinated. CPH has a final four, several top recruiting classes and an outrageous contract (Thank you David Braine); These are the only reasons he is still employed on North Avenue. The truth is Hewitt is not a very good basketball coach and got lucky in 2004 when he led the jackets to the National Title game. Georgia Tech is a BASKETBALL SCHOOL that has had some great players come through; There is no excuse for results like this. CPH teams since 2004: 2005: 20-12     (8-8 ACC)          2ND RND NCAA2006: 11-17     (4-12 ACC)        NO TOURNAMENT BID (LOST TO UGA, ILL-CHICAGO)2007: 20-12     (8-8 ACC)          1ST RND NCAA2008: 15-17     (7-9 ACC)          NO TOURNAMENT BID (LOST TO UGA, UNC-GREENSBORO) 2009: 12-19     (2-14 ACC)        NO TOURNAMENT BID2010: 23-13     (7-9 ACC)          2ND RND NCAA (LOST TO UGA) 3-3 vs. UGA is NOT Acceptable, the talent is not even comparable in these teams. CPH has NEVER had a winning record in the ACC; GT is a NBA factory so this in not acceptable either. I expect him to be fired very soon.

NLDS Game 3

I added a few photos; one of pre-game, one of the awesome crowd, a view from my front row outfield seats & a shot of me on TBS at the game. Great atmosphere but a tough loss in the end. The braves to no surprise hired Freddi Gonzalez, which in my opinion was a no-brainer and a great move for the organization! Check the link! http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/3095/braves.jpg

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Probable lineup pending signings etc. C Brian McCann (signed through 2012)1B Freddie Freeman (under Braves control through 2016)2B Martin Prado (under Braves control through 2013)3B Chipper Jones (probably retiring after/during season)SS Alex Gonzales (club option through 2011, FA following season)LF McClouth (FA/Club Opt after 2011)CF Free Agent/McClouth/Diaz/Ankiel (Mutual club option)/InfanteRF Jason Heyward (under Braves control through 2015) RotationTim Hudson (club control through 2013)Derek Lowe (club control through 2012)Tommy Hanson (club control through 2012)Jair Jurrjens (club control through 2013)Mike Minor (club control through 2016)/Kris Medlin (club control through 2012) Questions-Where does Infante play? I promise you he will be an everyday starter, somewhere, in 2011.What do the Braves do with KK? It would be hard to cut ties due to the contract, but he has limited trade value.How do they fix the bullpen? Saito, Moylan and Wagner are not under contract, what do the braves do to shore up the pen?Who fills the bench? Hinske, Glaus, etc. will be FA’s.Who takes over the team and what moves will they make in the off-season? WAY OUT THERE – Predicting the opening day lineup. 2B Martin PradoRF Jason HeywardLF Carl CrawfordC Brian McCann3B Chipper JonesSS Alex GonzalesCF Omar Infante1B Freddie FreemanP Tim Hudson

Pirates Problems

The pirates keep placing the blame on the manager, even though they continue to trade away every decent player they have. Here are some of the players that were on the pirates roster in the past 5 years; this would be a HECK of a team! C         Jason Kendall1B       Adam Laroche2B       Freddy Sanchez3B      Jose BautistaSS      Jack WilsonLF       Jason BayCF      Nate McClouthRF      Xavier Nady